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Where is the Island of LaGonave?

The I See Colors book and Haiti Kids Book partner with Hope for LaGonave, a non-profit organization.   There are four schools with over 400 students in LaGonave which are located in Gran Lagon, LaPye, Plein Mapou and Bwa Pin.

LaGonave is about 37 mi. x 10 mi. with a population of about 80,000.  The ferry starting point is about 40 mi. north of Port Au Prince and lands at the main town of Anse-à-Galets.  The highest point of the island is just over 2,550 feet in elevation.  The school at LaPye is the highest and most difficult to get to.

Proceeds from book sales provide daily lunch for these young students who may only have two meals per week.

Joan Kornblatt, author of I See Colors.

Joan Kornblatt, author of I See Colors.


About Hope for LaGonave

In the summer of 2002, Pastor Matt Baugh began returning to his childhood home of Haiti. He would continue to love the people and train pastors and church leaders as he moved his family to Haiti – but he never made the move  to the island of LaGonave because in May of 2006 he lost his life there in a motorcycle accident.  But Matt’s dreams did not die with him.

Hope for LaGonave was begun by Matt’s family in his memory, as a way to honor his life and deep commitment to lead the Haitian people out of darkness through education and the gospel. The focus of the organization is to teach the children to be literate and change the face of this country for the generations to follow.

Hope for LaGonave provides jobs for 27 teachers and regularly trains them in seminars and with encouragement from a Haitian Field Director. With a small annual budget of $60,000, HFL has no paid positions in the States and all money donated goes to the work in Haiti.

Core Focus:  Educating children from grades K-6. Additional projects such as the lunch program were added to strengthen the children so they could learn.

Instead of a life of no education and no future, the four island schools provide an education for 400 students and hope for each of them and their families.

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Hope for LaGonave is a registered 501(c)3 non profit.